Is your miRNA analysis system retiring?

Try the Qiagen miRCURY LNA miRNA PCR Assays system
Measure the expression of your miRNA in just 3 hours! – Contact us. The miRCURY LNA miRNA PCR system combines the advantages of a universal RT with the sensitivity and specificity of LNA technology. In just three hours you will have robust results, even in samples with a limited amount of RNA such as serum / plasma. 
Without amplificationMaximum sensitivity
 : Quantification from a total 1pg of RNA.Maximum specificity : Differentiation of sequences that differ in a single nucleotide.True results: independent of GC content. 

A simple and exclusive miRNA quantification system.
Quantification of miRNAs can be challenging. The size, the disparity of the GC content in the sequence and the high degree of homology, among other characteristics, make it difficult to work with this non-coding RNA species. But the miRCURY LNA miRNA PCR system overcomes those limitations and provides a solution for every project with miRNAs. Simple, easy and fast.
A solution for every step, from cDNA synthesis to data analysis.

 Test it! The miRCURY LNA miRNA PCR starter kit contains all the reagents necessary to perform 20 RT and 100 qPCRs, including a RT / qPCR control (uniSP6), a possible endogenous miRNA (miR-103a-3p) and two validated primers of your choice .  

Rapid extraction of viral RNA

The purification of viral RNA from biological samples has become an essential tool for the true detection of SARS-CoV-2. It must be carried out in a safe, fast and effective way that allows the presence of the virus to be determined with high precision. 
Epigentek has developed an RNA isolation kit optimized for biofluids, primarily for saliva samples and nasal / nasopharyngeal swabs. With just 200ul and in 10 minutes the ready-to-use RNA is obtained in various applications, such as RT-qPCR among others.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.